Is Levitra safe for everyone?

One of the main characteristics of different medications is that they affect certain processes in the human body. As a result of this, they can treat certain conditions, but they may also adversely affect the health of certain people. For instance, there are antidepressant medications that alleviate the symptoms of depression but which can cause erectile dysfunction and there are anti-anxiety medications that can cause insomnia. Some medications may also pose risk for certain people who are suffering from medical conditions that might be affected by those same mediations. In this article, we are going to tell you which people need to exert special care when using Levitra.

Firstly, there are certain people for whom the use of Levitra is not recommended at all. In fact, if they use Levitra, they are seriously risking their health. The first among these are people allergic to Levitra or to any other ED drug such as Viagra or Cialis. The second among these are those people who are already taking medications which contain nitrates or nitrites. These are drugs which are mostly used in treating heart conditions and they are known to interact with Levitra in a very detrimental way.

The list of people who should be much more careful than the average patient when using Levitra is a longer one, as there are numerous medical issues that are considered to be at risk of being affect by a Levitra treatment. The one who should decide if taking Levitra is a good idea in such cases and how much of it can be taken, is the doctor and no one else. You should never decide on your own if and how much Levitra you can take if you are suffering from any of these: hypertension, hypotension, blood cell disorders, eye disorders, problems with your vision or hearing, bleeding disorders, liver or kidney diseases, long QT syndrome, heart rhythm problems, deformity of the penis, seizures, history of strokes or heart attacks, stomach ulcer, heart disease or if a medical expert has recommended to you that you abstain from having sex.

In order to be perfectly safe that you can use Levitra, you need to talk to your doctor and tell them everything about your medical history, as well as about your current bill of health.