Erectile dysfunction and blood flow

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder that makes it impossible to sustain a normal sex life. It can occur when penile arteries do not receive enough blood from the heart and the aorta. This sensitive area of ​​the body must be maintained at maximal parameters for an erection to last; nerve endings, muscle tissue, blood vessels all help maintain a firm erection. Thus, any dysfunction or damage in this area has as a result erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems.

Studies have shown that this disorder has affect millions of men worldwide. But a man should not be worried if these problems appear once or twice; temporary erectile problems may be caused by stress, fatigue or too much alcohol. Only after a month or two of problems in getting erections, man should seek a specialist.

Interruption of blood flow to the penis is a major cause of erectile dysfunction. There are also other diseases that cause erectile dysfunction such as diabetes, which affects the nervous system, cardiovascular disease, and prostate cancer, side effects of powerful drugs, hormonal imbalances, alcohol abuse, anxiety, and nervousness. Also age plays an important role in causing these problems; in younger men psychological reasons are to blame for the occurrence of erectile dysfunction, while in older men organic causes prevail. Erectile dysfunction is usually installed in men between 40 and 65 years.

Cases of erectile dysfunction are usually found in men that smoke heavily or consume in excess drugs and alcohol. Also those who have suffered trauma or surgery in the pelvic region can experience episodes of erectile dysfunction. Those that are suffering from depression or chronic stress experience a low sexual desire that eventually lead to erectile dysfunction. Overweight men are also in the risk category for erectile dysfunction because they can develop diabetes or hypertension, diseases that cause the appearance of erectile dysfunction.

Many men take some pills to stimulate their erections during sex, although they do not need it because their erections are normal. This practice can degenerate in time and cause erectile dysfunction. Also, after some time the man will no longer be capable to achieve an erection even under the influence of these pills.

A case of erectile dysfunction can be treated easily if the cause is rapidly identified such as side effects of drugs or testosterone deficiency. The usual treatment consist of taking oral medication , but there are other ways to treat this disorder such as the use of a vacuum device, the use of drugs that are injected or inserted into the penis, penile implant surgery. Psychotherapy or behavioral therapy may be appropriate, especially in young men even if the problem has a physical cause.